Arel Salt Dispensing (O.T.S)

Arel's (O.T.S) system is a fully automatic system for the delivery of highly concentrated salt slurry
to dyeing machines with minimal effect on the dyeing liquor ratio.

Arel innovative technology enables the mixing of the salt with some water in the same tank
that is used for salt storage.

this technology eliminates the need for dry silo storage,conveyor,extra mixing
and storage tank-dramatically reducing the complexity of the system & reducing cost.

Accurate weighing of the reuired salt is carried out continuously-not in small batches-while
transferring the salt slurry to the machines-increasing the speed of dispensing and reducing waiting time.

The system is based on a PC controller and includes a sophisticated control application
which is completely integrated with the AREL central dyehouse system & machine controllers
to enable automatic delivery of salt to the machine and addition via dosing or recirculation

System Building Blocks:

  • Storage Tank
  • InTank Mixing Device
  • Transfer Pump
  • Measuring Device
  • Destination Valves
  • Computerized Control Panel
  • Software Package for Synchronizing the Dispensing with the dye cycle