Warehouse Managment System (wms)

Efficient Logistics and Warehousing infrastructure must be complemented by efficient process and software systems.

Arel Logistics team of system analysts has a unique blend of logistics and systems knowledge to ensure that your existing or proposed information systems work in harmony with your processes and equipment.

Where required functionality is not available or does not meet the business needs, Arel Logistics can design and implement the necessary 'interconnect' systems.

The following functionality can be incorporated in the systems design :

Goods inwards

  • Receipting
  • Product identification & Labelling
  • Putaway
  • Cross Docking

Product Management

  • Order Management
  • Distrubtion Requirements Planning (DRP)

Product Storage and Replenishment

  • Storage Location Control
  • Product Consolidation
  • Pull-down and flow rack replenishment

Product Picking

  • Picking Instructions, Picking Slips
  • 'Pick from' and 'Pick to'
  • Pick to light,pick by voice,RFpick,RFID


  • Packing and Shipment
  • Consolidation
  • Outwards EDI - Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
Flow Rack Picking
Hanging Garmnents Picking