Global Sourcing and Tracking (GST)

Global Sourcing and Tracking (GST) is a powerful application designed to help menage today's complex textile supply chain. if you are sourcing product from multiole sources or outsourcing production to different factories,
then GST can assist you to manage the process.

Arel Global Sourcing and Tracking provides on-line synchronisation between supply chain partners

Revolutionary automatic data transfer protocol between trading partners with full data encryption

Arel Global Sourcing and Tracking provides a wide range of user features including

  • Work Flow Control
  • Flexible Product Configuration
  • Configurable Data Interchange
  • Correspondence Tracking
  • Authorisation Controls
  • Integrated Planning Tools
  • SSCC/SCM Remote Label Creation
Critical Path
The sequence and timing of the production process
can be monitored and managed.
Track Any Product
From bedlinen to bras,shirts to skirts, production can be tracked and managed at multiple factories across
the supply chain.
Carton Shipping Labels
Labelling at manufacturing source enables efficient tracking and Inward DC receipting.
Manage Delivery Drops
Purchase orders can be split to separate drops as required