Arel Process Management

A Process Management and Information System from shop floor to senior management

Advanced process information from shop floor through to senior management

Complete visibility of shop floor operations through data 'capture at the source'

Total shop floor control through seamless integration with arel process control applications
such as dyehouse central system , finishing central system

Streamlined production process through advanced planning and scheduling options

Complete traceability through production and supply process from customer order to dispatch

Detailed inventory management, including location control and supplier lots management

Open Database for seamless integration to 3rd party information systems via in-built integration engine

User definable unit of measure with implicit conversion though out the system

Multi language support

System Architecture

Production Management
All Production from yarn through tofinished product is controlled with standard process paths and machine operations, including dye recipes finishing instructions and machine set-up information , ensuring consistency and re-productibility  throughout the operation processing instructions to the shop floor can be printed, displayed on screen or sent via wireless devices

Planning & Scheduling
production planners and schedules have access to the most 'up to date' information from arel process control and data capture 'at the source' using sophisticated planning and scheduling tools, production priorities can be managed, raw material availability can be confirmed and production flow can be streamlined

Integrated Process Control
arel APM is seamlessly integrated to arel process control applications to deliver information and control across the organisation from senior management through to the manufacturing shop floor