Finishing Management.

Arel Finishing Management
All machines in the finishing path are managed, and can be controlled
automatically or monitored electronically.
Machines may be grouped to allow easier management.

Machine attribute and properties are declared within the system.
All physical and process characteristics of the machines can be loaded
in the master database of APM. Characteristics such as
Bays, Chains, Heaters, Fans, and Exhausts. A number of different properties
can be assigned these machine characteristics.
Properties such as Length, Speed, Temperature, and Width.

The available characteristics and properties are user definable,
so further of these can be added to the system to suit customers needs.

A number of standard processes can be defined for each machine.
This allows the user to setup specific default values for
all the machine properties (including allowable tolerances).
These ‘processes’ can be used as setting templates
when a job or order is loaded for a machine.

Arel Finishing Management and Control Centre is a complete solution
for textile finishing ranges including :

  • Fully configurable machine attributes and properties
  • Programmable machine ‘standard processes’
  • Programmable recipes and finishing specifications
  • Configurable units of measure and currencies
  • Full historical reporting
  • Graphical and textual output
  • User/Shift/Roster details
Factory Supervisor
Finishing Report
Machine Matrix
procedure machine properties
Process Setup