Opptimized Dyeing

Arel Opptimized Dyeing offers a complete range of products for dye house automation.
from individual controllers to comprehensive system including:

  • Dyeing machine controllers
  • Dye house management and control centers
  • Automatic chemical dispensing
  • Automatic dissolving and delivery to the machines
  • Salt Dispensing
  • Production Control Systems

Arel Smart Optimization is a unique Software application that automatically modifies the standard recipes
and dyeing procedures for optimal adaptation to the dyeing machine and to each bach specific characteristics.

the optimization is executed according to pre-defined costumer RULES relevant to the process.

The benefits:
Automatic adaptation of the recipe to the dyeing machine
Shorter dyeing time
Appying same dyeing basic procedures on several machines and different fabrics
Scheduled optimization ensures optimal syeing machine group selection to each batch and reduces
to minimum the boil out procedures

the Arel family of rugged,indstrial PC controllers are the ideal solution for prcess in hostile environments replacing PLC type controllers and visualization screens.

Arel controllers operate under embedded version of windows™ operating system and special microsoft® tools that ensure reliability,speed,and very simple programming

All Arel controllers can be adapted to any type of dyeing machinery and to all contol functions.

All Arel controllers can be programmed to execute any number of parallel functions

Unique Software
Unique Controllers